Life is a journey paved with opportunities, success, setback, disappointment, sickness, loss and other forms of adversity. Some experiences are similar to the “Valley of Baca” also called the “Valley of Weeping” mentioned in Psalm 84:6 “Who passing through the valley of Baca make it a well; the rain also filleth the pools.” In spite of the unforeseen circumstances, the weary pilgrims found sweet solace as they refreshed themselves with the blessings from above. It is the same way God provides for us when we trust Him and look to Him for help. He turns our sorrow into joy and our misfortune into blessing. When our enemies fight against us, He lifts up a standard against them and blesses us right before their eyes.

On my journey, I too, have encountered many challenges that seemed overwhelming sometimes. On two separate occasions, I was plunged into the “Valley of Adversity” by the sudden death of my son and then, the sudden death of my spouse. My strong faith in God gave me hope and although this experience pulled on my mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual resources, my reservoir of faith was never empty. I believed in myself , I remained calm but optimistic, and enveloped myself in the strong determination that I would be a victor and not a victim, the head and not the tail. I developed and maintained a strong personal relationship with God. There were times when I maliced Him because I thought He neglected me and was not answering my prayers. However, I was in love with Him so like every other relationship, these feelings only lasted for a short time as the lines of communication soon returned to normality. I learned many lessons in the valley but the one that resonates with me is, “You have to go through the valley in order to appreciate life on the mountain.”

Christians will pass through valleys of despair and depression created by unforeseen circumstances. From time to time, God allows us to experience the ambience of the mountain or the lowest depths of the valley. We often wonder why we can’t remain on the mountain but we have to remember that valleys are a part of life too. As long as we are alive we will experience our fair share of challenges. If we view these challenges as obstacles on the road to success, we will be encouraged to explore ways and means to tear down these barriers or rise like an eagle and fly over them.

From where I now stand on the mountain, I have a breath-taking view of the valley in the distance below. I am able to see the rugged terrains, the dark dungeons representing the different valley-situations and the long, winding ascent to the mountain top. Standing beside me, you’ll find my prayer partners, my destiny-helpers, and my close family and friends who formed my support-system as I sojourned through the valley. I intend to use this platform to encourage, motivate and empower persons who have had similar experiences. When you read my book, “My Valley Experience-Beating the Odds”, in which I share my story, you will be in a better position to see the Supernatural move of God. Get your copy now! God bless you.