A Trip Down South

A Trip Down South

By Gertrude Flynn-White- August 2, 2019

The drought was on. No rain for several weeks. The heat was intense. It was cool on the inside but hot on the outside. So I was happy when my family asked me to join them on a trip down South for a time of relaxation. I anticipated much fun and entertainment and I was not disappointed.

Our first stop was at the Hyatt Regency hotel on the Savannah River. This provides direct access to River Street with almost half of the hotel overlooking the river. I was so overjoyed and excited to see natural water again so while the others were checking in I took a stroll along the river sniffing the aromatic odor coming from the water.

The day was still hot but the air was much cooler. We would only be spending a few days and there was much to see so every single minute was important. I could see the entire length of the Talmadge Memorial Bridge which spans the Savannah River between Downtown Savannah and Hutchinson Island, and takes you into South Carolina. How beautiful it looked in the distance. I couldn’t resist using it as the background for my first set of pictures.

As I entered the hotel’s spacious lobby, I moved quickly over to the large glass window to get another view of the river below. How still and inviting the water looked. Straight across from us, the Marriot Hotel stood tall on the other side of the river with the Convention Center nearby. We could see guests either boarding or alighting from the ferry.

We were ushered to our rooms which were located on the sixth floor overlooking the Savannah River. The view from my window was so captivating. For a while, I sat comfortably by the window watching the spectacular view of vehicular traffic moving speedily on the Talmadge Memorial Bridge while the huge heavily laden cargo ships moved slowly underneath. I watched the tour boats as they glided down stream giving their passengers a birdseye view of the city.

After dinner, I strolled along the street and admired the unique beauty of the iconic historic buildings. Touring the city seemed expensive but irresistible. We had the option of taking the Hop-on Hop-off trolley city tour or the Horse and Carraige rides.

The next day we headed to Tybee Island which is known for it’s long sandy beach. This reminds me of the beautiful beaches in my home country, Jamaica. Tybee Island’s location at the mouth of the Savannah River made it extremely important in the colonial days leading up to the Revolutionary War and American Civil War. I was so excited to see the ocean again and to know that after finding a place to park, I would be soaking my whole body in the salty waters of Tybee Island.

The beach was crowded as there were others like us, heading for a natural way to cool down. We quickly set up our tent on the beach and sprinted straight into the huge high waves that greeted us. We took short breaks from the water to build sand castles on the beach. Later in the afternoon the clear blue skys were suddenly replaced by dark clouds suggesting we might experience a change of weather. Then the sprinkling began and this forced us to pack up our things and move to our vehicles.

There were many seafood restaurants lining the roadway and this made it easy for us to choose a comfortable place to dine before heading back to our hotel. We had a lot of fun touring the city of Savannah and learning more about America’s history.