Move out of Your Valley Situation With Faith and Trust.

Move Out of Your Valley Situation With Faith and Trust

By Gertrude Flynn-White June 21, 2019.

Our sojourn in the valley was never meant to be permanent. It is a journey taken at the lower level when opportunities turn into challenges and success changes to defeat. Our thought process determines whether we become complacent and host pity parties like permanent residents, or we look to the Hills in Psalm 121 and trust God to direct our ascent back to our comfort zone.

Many people perish in the valley because they listen to the wrong voice or sometimes follow directions contrary to God’s will. God works according to His own timeline and doesn’t require any help. Sometimes we have to activate our faith, trust God, and exercise patience. His word provides guidance and direction. It gives comfort and peace of mind to those who are weary, and becomes our shield when exposed to danger.

10 Tips to Help You out of Your Valley Situation.

  1. Don’t take gossip personal.
  2. Ignore what others say about you.
  3. Take control of your life.
  4. Be positive
  5. Forgive those who hurt you.
  6. Be grateful to those who help you.
  7. Find something to laugh about.
  8. Forget your past and focus on the future.
  9. Trust God to work for you.
  10. Be willing to take calculated risk when necessary.

The book, “My Valley Experience-Beating the Odds” will empower you to rise above the overwhelming circumstances that plunged you into a valley situation, and inspire you to walk out with faith and determination.

This is a powerful, inspiring, and interesting story of triumph. Your journey through the valley is an experience and not your destination.

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