Trust God During Your Storm

Trust God During Your Storm

By Gertrude Flynn-White- June 12, 2019

Going through a storm is never a pleasant experience. The meteorologist will forecast that a storm is approaching, or is formed somewhere on the horizon. They will predict the strength and size, or how long it may take to reach land. We listen attentively to the forecast, take the necessary precaution and adequately prepare for it. Doing this, gives us the assurance that we can pull through it.

Can we, for a moment look at how a real storm is formed? A storm usually forms over warm ocean waters near the equator. During this process, the warm, moist unstable air rises upward, collides with cool air fronts and then condenses to form huge clouds of heavy rainfall accompanied by gusty winds.

How are the storms in our lives formed. Human beings generate a large amount of energy fields which radiate from our aura. This energy exchanges information with everything it comes in contact with. The energy fields can either be positive or negative and are triggered by our thoughts, intentions or emotions. These energy vibrations can be released into the aura of another person causing a reaction. So when positive thoughts, intentions or actions are created the outcome is health, prosperity, success and happiness. When negative energy is generated in abundance and transmitted to us, it results in sickness and other forms of chaos.

Sometimes the negative energy fields cause us to encounter challenging situations in our lives that can be likened to a storm. These often occur when we are at the peak of our career and self actualization is evident. We may even feel so accomplished that we think we are doing everything according to God’s will.

These stormy conditions often approach us without warning and display various characteristics. It can be a broken marriage, job related issues, a disobedient child or a health problem. We often ask, “Why me” because things seemed to be so perfect and suddenly, there is turmoil. These situations often result in hardship, suffering and uncertainty but there are usually good lessons to be learned. In most instances, they help us grow spiritually.

Those who put their trust in God will activate their faith and depend on Him for help in finding solutions. There are others who become hopeless, are overcome with fear and may even crumble under the weight of their overwhelming circumstances. When you trust God, He will never allow you to go through a storm without giving you the power to overcome. He is always our present help in trouble.

I came across this video released by Grace Digital Network on YouTube in which John Hagee, Billy Graham, and Charles Swindoll use Biblical experiences to encourage us to trust God during the storms of life. I find it inspiring and hope you too, will find strength as you listen to it.

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