God Always Answers Your Prayers

God Always Answers Your Prayer

By Gertrude Flynn-White

No matter which “Valley situation” you are going through right now. It may be sickness, loss of a family member or friend, loss of job, etc, just remember that God’s grace is sufficient to keep you. Don’t panic because this is only a test of your faith in God and your strength of character.

When you were given a test back in school, your sole objective was to pass that test with a high score in order to accomplish your goals. If you were a competitor in sports, the same principles would apply. The difference is that you were aware of the test so you studied in preparation for it, and you train in preparation for the championship meet. We are not forewarned when it comes to some forms of adversity. They creep upon us when we least expect, leaving us in total devastation.

Prayer now becomes the only option, so you pray continuously and when you don’t see results, you may conclude that God is not hearing you. God always answers your prayers…always. Sometimes He says “Yes” and sometimes He says “No”. Sometimes He affirms and sometimes He denies. Often the waiting period seems indefinite but God works according to His own timeline and not yours. He also does things according to His will and not yours. His timing is perfect and He will always do what is right for you.

So we may not see the results we are expecting and we may not hear the good news we anticipated. When we reflect on Job’s situation, we will see that he was perfect in his ways but God allowed him to experience the most life-changing, painstaking test of time. When his family and friends became hopeless in his recovery, his strong faith helped him to trust God. He prayed but he had to wait on God for divine healing and restoration. His journey took him through the dark dungeons of adversity but when his change finally came, he experienced complete restoration. With God, there are no accidents. He uses everything that happens to us to bring us closer to Him. I encourage you to keep praying and God will answer your prayer of healing, breakthrough, deliverance and restoration.

May you find strength listening to these powerful testimonies of how your faith in God can help to overcome adversity and redefine your purpose. Trust God. His strength is made perfect in your weakness. God bless.