Life’s Journey is Like a Train

Life’s Journey is like a Train

By Gertrude Flynn-White

Life’s journey can be likened to a train. We pass through positive and negative situations daily and we meet people along the way. Some are family, some are friends and others are associates or co-workers. Some embrace us, love and care for us while others hate, neglect, victimize and despise us.Some make our ride easy and comfortable while others make it unbearable.

Some share in our achievement while others condemn and ridicule us in our failure. Some help us build our empire while others criticize or destroy our effort. Some encourage and cheer us along while others throw stones in our path to stop us.

Regardless, we have to continue on that journey, applying all the necessary coping skills, but thank God for His grace and mercy that have kept us through the years. I pray that He will continue to guide and protect us for the rest of the journey. I found this video and hope you’ll enjoy it. God bless.

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