Give Your Heart a Makeover or God will do it.

Give Your Heart a Makeover or God will do it.                                                                                   By Gertrude Flynn-White

We like to clean our room and decorate it to make it more comfortable, attractive and inviting, but have you ever done the same thing with your heart? Have you ever wondered if your heart is ready for God to dwell in it?

God loves to dwell in a clean heart. He will give us a complete makeover if we fail to keep it according to His will. When He does the cleaning, it may cause us some discomfort but He comforts us with His word.

When He purifies the heart, He places forgiveness in a corner where it is always visible. He fills up the drawers with His word. He paints the walls of jealousy, anger, backbiting and strife with the fruit of the Spirit. He drapes the windows with His unconditional love and His grace. He decorates the walls with praise and worship. He covers the floor with the words, “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” (Matt. 5:8). Then He deodorizes it with His mercies that are new every morning. When He is done, He gives us the keys of “prayer” so we can always communicate with Him.

Those who are pure in heart are happy and blessed. They don’t entertain evil thoughts of impurity, ingratitude, hate, selfishness, fear, doubt and unbelief. Instead, they allow wholesome thoughts of thankfulness, love and kindness to permeate their heart. We can have a pure heart by taking heed to the word of God.