“LORD, Save Us!”
Storms are a natural part of life’s journey. We move along progressively, enjoying the ambience of our comfort zone until out of nowhere a storm approaches. It often appears without warning and usually leaves us in devastation. When we know it’s approaching, we pray against it and when we are in it, we pray our way through it. Sometimes we are so overwhelmed by its impact that we become hopeless. It is evident that no one is immune to the storms of life. The question is not if we will face them, but how we will respond.

Sometimes we face adversity which has the same characteristics of a storm. It may negatively impact our lives and our natural tendency is to panic and become fearful. Even the disciples had a similar encounter as they sailed across the Sea of Galilee. When they realized that the storm was too big for them, instead of dealing with it on their own, they consulted Jesus saying, ” LORD, save us!” (Matt. 8:23-25). We may not understand why God allows us to experience these challenges but as we put our trust in Him and pray without ceasing, we will develop a closer relationship with Him.

When we are overwhelmed by unforeseen circumstances, if we are so distraught that all we can say is “LORD, save us!” He will hear us and calm the storms in our lives. May you find comfort in this song. God bless you.                                             Written by: Gertrude Flynn-White
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