Friday Fiesta – My Testimony

Powerful testimony!

In my recently published book, “My Valley Experience-Beating the Odds” I shared my testimony of how God gave me another testimony by promoting me at my job after sharing a powerful testimony at church. It was the first night of a one-week revival at church. During the testimony service, the urge came to walk up to the front like everybody share my testimony. I looked around and saw students from my school and their parents sitting in the congregation, and thought that I had left my painful past behind and it wasn’t a wise idea to rehash any memories of it. the more I resisted the idea is the more my seat became hotter. I turned to my church sister and told her what was happening. She encouraged me to go and when I opened my mouth to speak, whatever the LORD wanted the brethren to hear. that’s what He will allow me to say. I jokingly replied, “My book has too many pages so I wouldn’t know which one God would want me to open.”

As I tried to make up my mind, the seat became unbearably hot, and I knew that I had to go. So I slowly I walked up to the front, took the microphone from my pastor and boldly shared the painful experience of my son’s death and how God helped me through the serious repercussions of it. Many of my brethren expressed how much my story inspired them but I didn’t know that five days later, God was going to grant me a big promotion from a classroom teacher to a principal position in one of the largest primary schools in Jamaica, located in the tourist resort of Ocho Rios. This position which was deemed to be temporary, took me into my retirement with blessings overflowing exceedingly and abundantly. I invite you to read my book to see the rest of my story.